Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union

A few thoughts before I turn in for the night...

Nothing really exciting - mostly more of the same from both the Presidents and the Democrats.

Foreign policy wise, he continues to see a progress in Iraq that is missing in the news; indeed, it may be missing from reality. However, I agree with him on the notion that we must succeed. It will just be like Taliban Afghanistan if we do not, a harbor for violence and terrorism. However, success must be measured by how quickly we can give the Iraqis their country back. He made a strong statement on Iran, and deservedly so. I'm glad to see we're working WITH the international community on this critical issue. Russia is really the key to peace with Iran. The Dems called for change in Iraq without offering any alternative.

Domestically, his arguments for the patriot act and the wiretappings were familiar; I still fail to see why he doesn't just get warrants, however, as he is allowed 72 hours...why even push the limits of the law, if not break it? As for the patriot act, with more provisions to protect civil liberties, it should be passed; some of the powers therein have indeed been important at breaking up terror domestically. The key is finding a balance and debating it thoroughly.

Economically, the traditional divisions continue. No news here. I thought Bush's head was going to explode when the Dems cheered the failure of his Social Security agenda. A highlight of the night for the loyal opposition.

Once again, Katrina seemed to be an afterthought for the president. It was a major national event, and only got a few lines.

His call for a line-item veto scares me - yet another extension of executive power, already greatly broadened under President Bush. I can't see the Congress giving Bush even more power, but the way the Republicans are wrapped around his finger, nothing would surprise me.

That's really it as far as anything I thought was interesting - we truly do need to commit to expanding renewable energy; I would hope people on both sides of the aisle agree with that.

On the whole, however, Dick Cheney came out of his hole and saw his shadow...you know what that means: another year of bitter partisanship in Washington. Moreover, as odd as it sounds, I sincerely hope no crisis great enough to again unite us comes along anytime soon.


Blogger M. McKain said...

I'll also add that Tim Kane did a nice job asserting a moderate democratic position; he was a nice contrast to the Dems so often in the media (Kennedy, Dean, etc.).

12:13 AM  
Blogger Donviti said...

good stuff

unfortunately cheney did come out

11:55 AM  

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