Saturday, December 31, 2005

More Bush Shadiness

In a rather disturbing turn of events, President Bush announced that there will be a full inquiry into the source of the leak about the NSA program in which the average American was subject to surveillance without any warrant or permission from the courts. In the meantime, the President continues to assert that the program was and is legal without ever really offering any reason as to why he has the divine right to disregard the Constitutional and bypass the judicial system.

I find this most recent development disturbing because, once again, he is attacking those who dare to speak out against or expose the questionable methods of his administration and the activities they claim are necessary for our security. At the very least, he should have announced a simultaneous independent probe of the program itself, including an investigation to make sure he only targeted potential Al-Qaeda members and not political enemies or a specific race or religion. That, literally, is the very least that should be done, and until it is, I think most Americans will remain quite uncomfortable with this Nixon-esque activity and rhetoric.


Blogger Ryan S. said...

Look, I am not happy about this NSA thing. However, I don't think this is new, and second, I have yet to hear that anyone but non-citizens were targeted (non-citizens, of course, not being subject to the Constitution).

That being said, I think the leak investigation will probably never find anything, and may I point out that Bush's numbers have only gone up since the story broke.

That's my take.

5:01 AM  
Blogger M. McKain said...

He has argued nevertheless that citizens are fair game; also, its not surprising we haven't heard anything about various people being spied upon because no one has investigated this thing yet. Given Bush's history, it wouldn't surprise me if he used this to go after his political enemies, esp. since there was no oversight. The fact that such a possibility even remotely exists means that there should be some in-depth investigation of the matter.

1:59 PM  
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