Sunday, January 08, 2006

Remember When...

I borrowed this from Ryan over at JokersTotheRight and thought it was interesting enough to complete on my own. Basically a “where were you when…” type of thing.

You found out about 9/11: World Geography class with Mr. Maroon, an older teacher who was a retired Air Force intelligence officer. A messenger from the office had brought a message and said a plane had hit, then a Vice Principle, knowing his background, stopped by to tell us the second plane had hit. Mr. Maroon turned around and wrote “Osama Bin Laden” on the board, then started trying to get the horrific images on the TV. I changed classes at 9:20 am, but it didn’t take much to convince my chemistry teacher that this was a whole lot more important than that day’s lesson, esp. as events unfolded.

The start of the FIRST Gulf War - When we began combat operations: The “Big G” grocery store (now Farm Fresh) just outside of Camden, DE. I was shopping with my family, and we were checking out when they came over the intercom. It was the first major combat since Vietnam, and people were on edge. I remember the whole store going silent as the announcement was made.

The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded: I think I was sitting in a high-chair eating, but I really don’t remember.

The Space Shuttle Columbia broke up during re-entry: I was sleeping – my mom came in and told me to turn on the TV. We thought initially it might have been a terrorist attack because of the Israeli astronaut, though even later that day that seemed unreasonable.

Berlin Wall came down: Nope, no idea, too young.

President Clinton was acquitted of impeachment: I was getting ready for jazz band when the vote was taken – they had TV’s in the band room, and our teacher left us watch it as the practice began, realizing that it wasn’t something you see every day.

Election night 2000: Watching at home on TV, finally going to bed around 1am because of school the next day. I was in a government class at school that semester, so we followed all of the developments closely, including when the Supreme Court decided votes didn’t matter....hmm, I think I’m still a little bitter about that one.


Blogger Ryan S. said...

I have no idea why I remember the Berlin Wall falling, but I do. Only vaugely, but it is very odd.

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